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Get to know the benefits of setting up a bike taxi app with our Rapido clone software

Technology and business are pairing up to provide smarter options to build a luxurious lifestyle. Business providers innovate, experiment with various factors, and build a successful strategy to align with users’ requirements. At Appdupe, we have come up with a bike taxi solution called Rapido clone. If this excites you, this blog will envelop the importance of launching a bike taxi app.

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Basic functioning of the app:

  1. The passenger will log into the app after completing the registration.
  2. Now, the passenger will request the ride by entering the pickup and drop off location.
  3. The admin will process the request by mapping the request to the driver.
  4. The driver will accept the request and will go to the passenger’s location.
  5. Then the driver picks up the passenger and drops off on time.
  6. Once the ride is completed, the passenger will make the payment via multiple payment options.
  7. At last, the passenger will rate the app based on the quality of the service.

Notable features integrated into the Rapido clone software:

Passenger app:

Ride bookings- The passenger can book the ride by mentioning the source and destination. Based on the availability of the driver, the admin will confirm the booking.

Ride history- The app allows users to view the ride history. It includes details like distance travelled, fare, waiting time, etc.,

GPS tracking- The passenger can track the live location of the bike taxi’ with an inbuilt GPS system.

Cancel bookings- The passenger can cancel the booking before the ride begins, by simply clicking the “Cancel booking” option.

Trip rate estimator- The passenger can know the fare estimation of the ride, even before booking the taxi.

Ductile payments- The app allows flexible payment processing. The passenger can make payment through debit/credit cards or COD.

Referral bonuses- The app rewards users with referral bonuses. To claim the bonus, users will have to share the invite link with their friends/family members. If they join the app, then users will get reward points.

Driver App:

Simple registration- The driver will sign into the app after completing the registration. The driver will have to upload necessary documents like ID, driving license, etc.,

Availability toggle- The driver can indicate whether they are available to take up the service or not by turning on or off the toggle.

Inbuilt GPS- The driver can find the exact location of the passenger with the help of an inbuilt GPS.

Passenger details- The driver can view the passenger’s details like name, contact details, location, etc.,

Cancel bookings- The driver can choose to cancel the accepted ride requests for any valid reason.

The admin panel:

Manage profiles- The admin is responsible for managing profiles of both passengers and drivers. The admin will verify their account details, send tracking ID, etc, resolve queries, etc.,

Analytics- The admin will analyze the in-app behavior of the passenger, and will optimize the app accordingly.

Feedback management- The passenger will give feedback based on the quality of service. The admin will analyze the feedback, and manage the quality of service accordingly.

In addition to the above features, we provide some of these add-ons that can be chosen.

Push notifications- Get instant updates regarding the service with SMS, email via push notifications.

Security audit- The application follows stringent security protocols to prevent the data from breaches.

Customer support- The application provides support to users on a 24/7 basis.

Business Ideation:

  1. The initial step in Rapido clone script development is to identify your business requirements. The requirements are carefully listed down. This phase is called Requirement gathering and analysis.
  2. Once the requirements are finalized, the demo model is developed.
  3. Then we will integrate features you want in the app like multi-currency support, multilingual, etc.,
  4. On final approval, the product will be launched on the platforms you wish.
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Launch the bike taxi app with our Rapido clone app. With our ready-made solution, you can deploy the application into the marketplace in no time. We provide highly customizable and scalable options to meet your business requirements. Book an appointment with our team of developers to get a demo right away.

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