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Who doesn’t want to choose greener options? Well, quite many of us are looking to parallel our lives with an environment-friendly lifestyle. E-bikes are an alternative to petrol-bikes. LimeBike is one such E-bike developer with E-bikes that operate on the pedal assist. Pedal assist with power on demand that can run on legally permitted lanes.

How does the app work?

  • Once the user installs the app upon completion of profile details, they are ready to use the application.
  • The user searches for the E-bike at the nearest location.
  • Once the user spots the nearest E-bike, scans the QR code on the E-bike, and unlocks it.
  • The user can now ride the E-bike, and the fare differs according to the distance traveled.
  • Upon reaching the destination, the user parks the E-bike and scans the QR code, and the E-bike gets locked.

Business Ideation:

As you would want to get a LimeBike clone app, I have called you an overview of how the various stages of the app development flow.

  • Appdupe is a LimeBike clone app development vendor. Schedule a call with the expert team.
  • The developers here will help you get your demo model by taking your requirements as inputs and proposing a model accordingly.
  • If you are satisfied with the demo model/prototype, the product is ready to enter the next phase.
  • Here, the developers evaluate the system design and create a wireframe using advanced technology.
  • Next, the application features are added in an iteration to the functional model and exposed to unit testing.
  • When the model passes all the test cases, the modules are system tested against both positive and negative test cases.
  • Now, the product surfaces to be deployed and undergoes maintenance testing.

Chief aspects of LimeBike clone app:

  • Why the LimeBike clone app?- LimeBike clone app is built, keeping in mind the demand for E-bikes.
  • Cross-platform compatible- This application will be deployed on every platform like Mobile, PC, or Tablets, making it easily accessible.
  • Social media login- The users can easily log in to the application using social media accounts.
  • Ductile payment options- The app supports flexible payment options right from debit/credit cards to net banking.
  • Inbuilt GPS- The application comes with an integrated GPS to track the exact location of E-bikes.
  • Multi-currency support- The application is not restricted to any particular type of currency. It supports all currency types.
  • No barrier- The LimeBike clone application has no language barrier and supports every language.
  • Admin Panel- The admin panel allows the admin to monitor and analyze the transactions, resolve customer issues, and manage reviews.
  • Ratings and Reviews- Users can check the ratings and reviews of the service by previous users. Users can also give feedback and ratings.
  • Knowledge base- Users can access the application’s knowledge base to read service-based articles or FAQs.
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Why should you hail the Limebike clone app?

  • You can get a customized version of the LimeBike app as a clone model from us.
  • We, at Appdupe, develop an intuitive and captivating UI to make it simple for the users.
  • LimeBike clone app incorporates advanced technology, making itfree from glitches.
  • The application is customizable, and 100% white-labeled.
  • Businesses will expand soon. To meet that requirement, we offer provision for scaling.
  • You don’t have to bother about support. Our team will provide support post-launch for a limited period.
  • The application has an ad displayer, through which you can gain monetary benefits.
  • The application can accommodate any number of users.


I hope you found this content useful. Be one of the E-bike service providers and seek customer attention for your business with the LimeBike clone script.

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I am a app developer at appdupe. @ https://www.appdupe.com/

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