Enticing Benefits of a Bigbasket clone: Invest wisely in the app today

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Success — several entrepreneurs have tried, some managed to breach past the line while others succumbed to defeat. The on-demand industry has been the talk of the town ever since the COVID-19 outbreak. Customer trends are evolving. Those customers who only had delivery apps as a substitute have realized the convenience of these apps. Among various delivery services, grocery delivery surged in popularity, revenue, and whatnot.

Are you an entrepreneur eyeing to launch a Bigbasket clone? In such a case, are you familiar with the benefits of grocery delivery apps? This blog will discuss different stakeholders’ benefits by availing/providing services with an on-demand grocery delivery app like Bigbasket.

Customer convenience matters

People are finding it challenging to stand in long queues in front of grocery stores. With an on-demand grocery delivery app, customers needn’t step out of their homes. Just a few taps on their smartphones, and they enjoy doorstep deliveries from the comfort of their homes. This enhanced customer comfort is one of the fueling benefits that boost the need for apps like Bigbasket.

Store owners have access to a widened customer base

A local store owner has access to only a limited customer base in the locality. Amid the pandemic situation, the bridge between customers and grocery stores has expanded. By joining hands with online grocery delivery platforms, store owners have access to a vast customer base. This way, by boosting visibility, they can drive more traffic. Higher traffic will inevitably generate better sales and profits.

Generating revenue from various sources

Entrepreneurs needn’t worry about their ROI as the grocery delivery platform can generate revenue from numerous sources. Some of the popular revenue streams include,

  • Commission fee: The platform owner receives a commission fee for every payment made by the customer via the app.
  • Delivery charges: Customers pay delivery charges during checkout. By hiring delivery workers on the gig economy, the platform owner gains a substantial portion of it as profits.
  • Subscription charges: Customers have access to the app’s premium features by paying subscription charges. This charge can be levied either monthly/yearly.
  • In-app ads: By displaying third-party ad banners, the platform owner can generate revenue based on impressions, clicks, etc.

With lucrative benefits for customers, store owners, and the platform owner, the on-demand grocery delivery app is a safe bet for entrepreneurs in this pandemic situation.

Things to consider during grocery delivery app development

Now that you have identified the potential benefits, you need to focus and streamline your attention on those aspects that can attract the audience towards the platform. Here’s a list of things to consider during Bigbasket app clone script development,

  • Implement functionalities based on customer expectations.
  • Create an immersive, user-friendly UI/UX.
  • Integrate unique features to make the app stand apart.
  • Decide on the commission scale beforehand.
  • Have an eye on your supply chain.

Appdupe’s Bigbasket clone app is incredibly cost-effective

An entrepreneur always looks at reducing the budget and maximizing the profits. By joining hands with Appdupe, one can launch a best-in-class Bigbasket clone app with even a four-digit investment amount. Besides, these clone app solutions are highly scalable and are ready for instant launch. With 100% customizability, the clone app can gain instant traction among the masses.

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The fear of contracting the virus, matched with the panic-buying attitude, made the demand for grocery delivery apps reach a whole new level. Bigbasket manages around 2.6 lakh orders a day, a massive number compared to the pre-COVID era. Do not hesitate or wait any longer, for there is already a sea of entrepreneurs venturing into the sector.

Reach out to Appdupe, the best Bigbasket clone app development company, tell us your needs and make your presence in the grocery delivery app sector right away.

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