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E-commerce platforms are twinning with our lives to fulfill our daily needs at our doorsteps. Many businesses have started creeping into this industry. Many have been successful, and a few have been left out. To accomplish this business successfully, there are only a few strategies to tackle. Keep your business unique, and provide quality service. If this excites you, get on to reading this blog to know more about multi-vendor e-commerce marketplace stores.

Product Architecture:

  1. Firstly, approach an e-commerce app development company like Appdupe. The initial step is called brainstorming, where we onboard you to know your requirements.
  2. You’ll have meetings with our expert team of developers, who will understand your needs and document the same.
  3. Based on this step, we will develop a demo model to check whether your specifications have been implemented.
  4. Our developers will analyze the UI that is easy-to-use and captivating. A stunning UI creates the best first impression for any user.
  5. Once the UI is set up, the team will build a robust back-end using high-end technologies. Also, they’ll make sure that sufficient space is available.
  6. The next phase is testing, where the fully functional application is tested against both positive and negative test cases. This testing is done iteratively until the application is free of bugs.
  7. Now the application is ready to be deployed on major platforms like iOS and Android.

How does the E-commerce application function?

  1. Users will sign up for the application and complete the registration steps with name, email ID, contact number, and address.
  2. Next, users can search through the categories section to select their desired product.
  3. Users can add any number of products to their cart based on the availability of the stock.
  4. At times, users can avail of special discounts like the deal of the day or claiming promo codes/coupon codes.
  5. Users can make the payment with the available payment options like debit/credit cards or COD.
  6. The admin will verify the payment and confirm the order. Also, the admin will send the tracking ID of the order to users.
  7. Users can track the real-time status of their orders.
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Underlying features of multi-vendor e-commerce script:

One store, multiple vendors- This app facilitates many sellers to showcase their products under a single roof. Also, users can shop for all their needs.

Seller profile- Sellers will have their profiles and can expose their products. Sellers can choose subscription plans based on their budget.

Product approval- The admin has full control over the product approval. Sellers cannot establish their products without the admin’s permission. In addition to this, the admin can even block sellers who don’t abide by app policies.

Shipping management- Sellers can track the shipment of goods from their warehouse to customers. For this, sellers can contact the delivery service.

Commissions- The admin can get a commission from sellers for exposing their products on this platform. Commissions come from advertising seller’s products and also from shipping charges.

The application has premium and enterprise subscription plans for sellers, buyers, and delivery persons.

Multi-currency support- This application is flexible in accepting multiple currencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Ripple.

Mobile application- As people are increasingly adopting smartphones, we have made the application support native apps to boost your businesses.

Admin Panel- The admin will track all activities of both buyers and sellers. Right from verifying profiles to managing payments, the admin takes full responsibility.

Seller Panel- Sellers will upload their products’ details and update the seller panel’s inventory.


Venturing into an e-commerce platform is no joke. Against all competitors, you have to expose your products to the marketplace with a unique set of features. At Appdupe, we provide freedom to customize e-commerce clone apps to align with your business needs. You can rebrand the product with your brand name and logo since our solutions are white-labeled.

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